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Coach Miller
From: Coach Miller
RE: LAX Shooting Mastery

Dear Young Men & Parents,

Right now, if you're the type of lacrosse player who wants to take your shooting skills to the next level, but you can't seem to get past your defender, hit open spots on the net, or generate the kind of power and accuracy that you want...

And you want to be the go-to guy that coach looks to when your team NEEDS a goal... The kid that coach DESIGNS offensive plays around...

Then keep reading, because you're about to discover a PROVEN, simple method for becoming a top lacrosse shooter - Taught by one of the greatest of all time.

It's a program we call "Lax Shooting Mastery," and it's going to take you - or your son - from where you are right now to shooting 10-15 MPH faster, while actually becoming MORE accurate (that's being able to "put the ball on a dime")...

And being able to pinpoint the spots on the net to BURY those shots past the goalie.

And this system? You can start putting it to work the very next time you hit the field. It's the trifecta - Decision making, power, and accuracy. Decide where you're going to shoot, then deliver the ball to that exact spot with some serious velocity.

Now it seems simple, right? Pick a spot, shoot hard, hit your spot? But if shooting at the right spot with pace were so easy, why is it that some attackmen and middies never seem to... Well... Actually be able to DO IT?

Why do they prefer to dish the ball to someone else to take the shot, when they have the opportunity to let if fly on their own terms? Why do some guys rise above everyone else and continue scoring more than everyone else, even when you get to the professional level of the sport?

See, most kids and parents would just prefer to throw up their hands and say, "Ah, I guess he's just a better athlete, a bigger kid, naturally talented - Or, ya know, the kid must just go out with 10 buckets of balls every day and just shoot and shoot and shoot till his gloves wear thin..."

What if it's because the way that a lot of coaches teach shooting - and the way most of these young student athletes learn to shoot... The way that they approach it...


It's the ol' brute-force method: Hit the gym. Hit the field. Get a bucket. Practice taking shot after shot. Rinse. Repeat. Maybe over time you'll get better. Maybe you won't.

Here's what I think: No B.S., I think that in every area of life, whether it's lacrosse or playing the guitar, some people just have an intuitive feel for something that allows them to pick something up quickly and become really good at it. Everyone's got that friend who, 'ya know, picked up a guitar freshman year in high school and a year later is shredding in a band or something, right?

Well, shooting the lacrosse ball isn't going to be any different, of course. There are going to be kids who have that natural feel for shooting, who just get a sense of their bodies and feel how to generate power and get that timing down so the ball goes where they want. And that leads to the temptation I just talked about a minute ago... To just say "Eh, guess that kids just got it, huh?"

And in youth and high school lacrosse in particular I think, you'll see those kids sort of leap out ahead of the pack because they're just doing what comes naturally to them. Well, you know what? It's fine if some kids can naturally shoot. That's unsurprising. Congratulations to them, and I mean that honestly.

But this letter is not addressed to them.

Because it's not good enough to just say that some kids are going to be great shooters and some won't. I think that inside every kid is a great shooter, and that potential never comes out because they aren't given the actual TOOLS they need to understand shooting - and to execute on it. I've actually seen that potential realized first-hand, many times. More on that later...

But I'm not the only one who thinks this. Because Scotty Urick, a guy who was a two-time All-American at Georgetown, where he lead the team in scoring (and STILL has the Gtown career record for goals scored - that record still stands today) - A man who went on to play professionally and led the MLL in scoring, was a multiple-time MLL All-Star (and at the All-Star event, even won the shooting accuracy contest two different years) - And led Team USA in scoring at worlds...

(I think you're getting the idea here, right? Scotty is an absolutely world-class shooter...)

Scotty is, quite simply, one of those guys I mentioned up at the top of this letter who just continued scoring more and more than everyone else, even when he got to the professional level of the sport...

HE thinks the way that most coaches teach - and most athletes approach shooting - leads to a ton of kids never realizing their potential. Not being confident to take that shot when they should because they lack the decision making, power, and accuracy to bury the shot. And the way they're going about all this holds them back. Period.

See, the thing was, Scotty was never the biggest or fastest guy on the field. His senior year of high school, he stood 5'9" and 170lbs. And he would go on to face guys in college and the MLL who physically outclassed him, no question. But when it came to scoring goals for his team? No one could touch him because he understood exactly what he needed to do, and how he needed to move, to generate more power and place the ball on target more accurately than every other guy on the field. The numbers prove it.

Now, it might be fair to say that Scotty enjoyed having that edge on everyone else throughout his entire playing career. If you'd asked him back then about what the heck he was doing behind the scenes to be that good he might have had a little smirk...

And then not tell you. =)

Because, ya know, you can't let the competition in on your secrets, right? But after his playing career was over, Scotty became a coach. And everywhere he went, whether it was Division I, DII, or high school, he found himself staring into the same abyss:

A VERY select few of his kids could shoot. And most couldn't.

And Scotty's inner John Madden voice started talking to him. You know how, when he was commentating on football, people would make fun of John Madden for saying really obvious stuff?

Gems like, "Usually, the football team with the most points wins the game!"

That's an actual Madden quote, just so you know. You can't make this stuff up. It just seems so obvious that when a guy like Madden says it, you just groan. Well... Scotty had some of that inner-Madden going on, right?

"Usually, the lacrosse team that scores the most goals wins the game!"

<< It's OK to groan right now :-) >>

But it clicked to Scotty: Maybe Madden was on to something? If you just eliminated everything else happening on the field... Just eliminate the stick handling, the GBs, the face-offs, the slide packages, whatever. Eliminate it all... There's a very straight line Scotty, or anyone, really could draw:

Shoot the rock past the goalie → Do that more times than the other team → Win.

So, if you need to shoot to win, then what you need is an army: A front line of young men who can all shoot. Don't let the defense try to contain those one or two "naturally gifted" guys who could intuitively feel-out how to be great shooters. Train them all to be masters of shooting. The whole offense. Take every kid, no matter how strong or fast they were, and make them shooters.

Every man becomes a threat when he's anywhere near the cage...

Scotty started wondering:

"How can I take everything I know about being a world-class shooter and SYSTEMATIZE it - So that every youth and high school player could break through and become an excellent shooter. Whether they were fast or not, whether they were big or not.

Keep it simple but powerful. Youth and high school kids need to be able to do all of this. Make it nuanced where it counted..."

He was up against some BIG hurdles. For most of the kids he was coaching up, it was YEARS of entrenched thoughts and actions. And he quickly singled out the two biggest issues:

First, that coaches tended to approach teaching one of two ways:

The less "sophisticated" coaches just had kids head out to the cage with a bucket of balls and... Well, "Practice your shooting!"

The more "sophisticated" ones? They understood the three key types of shots - in tight, time and room, and on-the-run - and would have their guys work on scenarios for those types of shots. But to add power? They'd have their kids hit the gym, or naturally bulk up as they got older. But the reason I put "sophisticated" in quotes is because Scotty was seeing something on an entirely different level.

He understood the "Kinetic Chain," the term sports scientists use to describe the development of power in the lower body, transferring it up through the muscles in your core, up into your shoulder, out into your arms, into the stick and then to the ball, so that absolute maximum energy is delivered to the final "link" in the chain...

Think of cracking a whip... A slow but powerful motion at the start - that, by the end - creates something traveling incredibly fast. And I'm not going to dive into that deeply right now, because this is stuff - The Kinetic Chain - is stuff that guys with PhD's in Sports Science are talking about with "bigger" sports like baseball and tennis, not just lacrosse...

But not only did Scotty understand the Kinetic Chain on an intuitive level, but he ALSO understood that the three categories of shots that other coaches were fixated on...? Well, in a way, he figured, they were all the same.

Sure, the spots you picked and the angle of your stick would be a little different in tight than in time-and-room, but this fundamental fluid and repeatable motion to generate the maximum amount of power - The Kinetic Chain - was still the foundation. And it wasn't being explained or taught.

Because the other amazing thing Scotty discovered was that just by working the Kinetic Chain - This fluid, repeatable motion of power generation... The very fact that it was fluid and repeatable VASTLY improved the timing and accuracy of the kids who employed it. Previously, kids would be doing all sorts of different things when taking different types of shots - time and room, in-tight, etc - Setting their feet all kinds of ways, rotating their bodies differently, "arming" the ball (using just their arms to generate velocity)...

It resulted in a Frankenstein-like assembly of stuff these kids were doing. But if he could build a rock-solid Kinetic Chain for these kids, he could build everything else on top of that.

Understand how to build it, and the power and accuracy naturally flow. Once you've got the power and accuracy coming naturally? Become laser focused on where - and when - to shoot... And you've become a beast of a shooter.

Now, like I said earlier, I've seen this very transformation with my own eyes. Because I've had the pleasure of working alongside Scotty when he was a coach at Georgetown. I was a young up-and-comer. I've seen him transform the games - and shooting skills - of countless kids over the years. Both at his university and at the high school team he coaches now. He and I have been friends ever since...

And now, I've had the pleasure of working with him again to bring you this program he developed, Lax Shooting Mastery.

It's a simple story, really. I started BTB Lax because I wanted to help youth and high school players improve their play, have a ton more fun out on the field, and get them to where they could go on to play in college - if that's where their heart told them to go. And I kept getting asked over and over, - "Coach Miller, do a course on shooting!" And there was absolutely no one else I considered turning to - Because I knew Scotty already had the method boiled down, A-to-Z, ready to go. That's how Lax Shooting Mastery was born.

It's Coach Urick's complete system for adding 10-15MPH to your shots and becoming more accurate at the same time by harnessing the power of the Kinetic Chain... And with your newly-found power and accuracy, learning how and when to shoot on target so that you reliably and repeatedly beat the goalie.

And if you're ready to take the plunge today, get inside this program, start putting it to work the very next time you or your son hits the field, then here's what I want you to do...

Keep scrolling down, read up on the product details, and check out the year-long money-back guarantee. Yep, if for some reason after you finish the program you decide that it just wasn't for you or your son, you've got up to a year from when you purchased it to just ask us for your money back.

Coach Urick and I sincerely hope we see you inside of LAX Shooting Mastery, and we can't wait to get started transforming you into a top notch shooter!

Coach Miller

Here's Exactly What You'll Get Inside
Lax Shooting Mastery...

LAX Shooting Mastery + Grip It And Rip It
  • Tons of lacrosse shooting instruction that unlocks the secrets to the 3 types of lacrosse shots: Shooting in tight, Time & Room, and Shooting on the Run.
  • All of the HD video content is viewable on desktop computers, laptops, phones, and tablets. You can watch anywhere, anytime, on your own schedule.
  • The step-by-step program of the multiple-time MLL All-Star - Scotty Urick. This same exact system allowed him to score almost 300 goals in Major League Lacrosse.
  • Proven drills that can be done alone, with a partner, or in a practice to simulate live game scenarios so that you're prepared to score more goals once you follow them.
  • The Grip It & Rip It BONUS video. It's an hour-long video featuring 3 MLL All-Stars - Danny Glading, Mike Kimmel, and Kyle Dixon - Where they reveal their top secrets for beating your defender, then shooting harder and more accurately.
  • 100% guaranteed to help you take your lacrosse shooting game to the next level - or get your money back! Speaking of...
  • 29 total videos - totaling more than 2 hours of content - all aimed at making you become a "next level" shooter to score more goals
  • All 3 "Shooting Fixes": Power, Balance and Accuracy. You've already fixed your biggest shooting struggle, but let's make sure you don't suffer from the other two.
  • A wrap-up interview with Scotty where he reveals his "secret sauce." He'll tell you what he did to score so many goals in his college and pro career.
  • All 3 "Shooting Fixes": Power, Balance and Accuracy. You've already fixed your biggest shooting struggle, but let's make sure you don't suffer from the other two.

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